Article Title Author/ AuthorsFile Page
The effect on the mental health of the students' familiarity with Quran Mohammad GhanbarZadeh, Adeleh GhanbarZadeh, Fereshte BaEzat 01-05
The survey of customer satisfaction with the quality of ATM services Bank of Commerce in Mazandaran province Mojtaba MolaAghaei, Seyed Hossein Ghoreysheian, Mohammad Nasroullahi 06-11
Evaluate and ranking hotels based on customer satisfaction with the technique TOPSIS, FAHP (Case study: five star hotel Tehran) Ali Sorayaei, Atena Rastgo, Nasim Barzegar Kashtali, Fatemeh Mirzaee 12-21
"Sociological analysis of the relationship between watching pornographic movies and common sexually diseases in Women from the perspective of Obstetrics & Gynecology Surgeons in the Zanjan city" Golshid Karimiyan, Mehran Samadi 22-32
―The impact of Economic globalization on income inequality in Iran‖Husein Abdollahi, Mansour Vosooghi, Mostafa Azkia 33-50
The effects of the application of management information system to improve management decision making process credit institution Samen of Mazandaran province Masoud Saeideiyan, HosseinAli Gilani 51-55
The effects of management information system on the accuracy of management decision making Mohammad GholamiAzizi, Hamid GholamiAzizi, Majid Ebrahimim Nejad Afrozi 56-60