Article Title Author/ AuthorsFile Page
Theoretical analysis – experimental of Investigate the relationship free cash flow and dividends and financial leverage in the accepted companies in Tehran Stock ExchangeSajedeh Rezaee, Mahmoud Yahyazadeh Far 01-12
Relation between knowledge management and organizational communication effectiveness in presidents of sport federation Islamic Republic of IranKaveh Azadeh, Saeid Fazelifar 13-21
Liability to violation of privacy in financial marketsZahra, Dariushi, Jafar Jamali 22-30
Study of theoretical – experimental Investigate and prioritize the subdirectories of life insurance using the technique of AHP (The insurance company of Mazandaran Province)Aghdas Abedi, Ali Sorayaei 31-39
Effects of Electronic Banking Services Adoption on Banks’ Performance via Balanced Scorecard Approach Using Fuzzy TOPSISRuhollah Tavallaei, Sajjad Shokouhyar, Farnoush Padash Pour 40-62
The effect of corporate governance and tax on dividends on the company's financial policy (Case study: companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange)Abdollah Rajabikhanghah, Ahmad Fazlollah Zadeh, Seyed Javad Hosseini 63-70
An analysis on the spatial pattern of smart growth (Case study: Iran, Ahvaz)Abdolabi Sharifi, Parviz Soleimani Moghadam, Adnan Jalizi 71-72
The Relationship between Time Management and Job Stress (Case study: The center of Emergency Medical Service)Asieh Soltanmohamadi, Manizheh Mollaei 82-89