Name  : Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The Institute for Business and Finance Research upholds the highestpublication ethics.  The followingstatements provide guidance on our ethics expectations.   This statement applies to The Institute for Businessand Finance Research publications and presentations including the following:

Author Responsibilities

Authors certify that submitted manuscripts are their originalwork.  The editors may submit articles toelectronic services to verify originality. Submitted papers must not be simultaneously under publicationconsideration elsewhere.  Submittedpapers must not have been published elsewhere. All authors are aware of, and consent to the article submission.  The author list includes all significantlycontributing individuals.  Listed authorsinclude only contributing individuals. The acknowledgement section appropriately recognizes non-authorcontributors. 

Authors certify that data used in the analysis were legallyobtained for the purpose at hand. Fraudulent data or data obtained illegally is unacceptable forpublication.  Authors fully andaccurately describe data used in the analysis and indicate the methodologyapplied. Authors accurately report findings and provide factualinterpretations.  Authors should clearlydifferentiate between factual information and author opinion.

Authors have conducted the research in compliance with all laws,university policies and professional responsibilities.  Authors are aware of human, animal subjectand other clearances required by their institution, professional affiliations,laws and government authorities.  If noethics body is available, the authors confirm the research is in compliancewith concepts outlined in the Helsinki Declaration as revised in 2008.  Authors have obtained all relevant clearancesto conduct the research submitted. 

Authors warrant the work is not an infringement of any existingcopyright or proprietary right, invasion of privacy or libel.  Authors have obtained necessary releases fromcompanies or individuals involved with, or in, the work where necessary. 

The manuscript appropriately acknowledges and cites the work ofothers.  The manuscript also acknowledgesfunding and other support sources. Copyrighted or proprietary materials included in the article areappropriately acknowledged. Copyright clearance, for the purpose at hand, hasbeen obtained and must be transmitted to the editor.

Authors are responsible for promptly notifying the editor ofsubstantive errors discovered after publication of the manuscript.  The editor will provide an appropriate courseof action based on the error severity. These actions may include publishing a correction notice, apology orretraction in a subsequent issue of the journal.

Views presented represent the opinions and findings of therespective authors.  Authors have soleresponsibility for the originality, accuracy of reported findings and opinionsexpressed.  Authors are responsible forany errors.  Authors agree to hold thejournal, its affiliates, subsidiaries and parent company, agents, employees,directors, editors, reviewers and other affiliated parties harmless and, agreeto defend all of the above for any action for damages, from third partyliability which might arise as a result of the manuscript and its publication.

Upon acceptance of an article for journal publication, authors mustsign a document transmitting copyright to the Institute and warranting theauthors and manuscript are in compliance with these ethics and malpracticeguidelines.


Reviewer Responsibilities

Reviewers should refrain from author discovery efforts.  Reviewers must base their comments on themanuscript merits only.  Age, race,color, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation andinstitutional affiliation must have no bearing on the review.    Reviewers must complete their work withinthe timeframe established by the editor.  Reviewers must decline the review if, for any reason, they will not beable to complete the review in the allotted time.  Reviewers must also decline to review anymanuscript for which they have a conflict of interest.

While critical assessment of the manuscript is appropriate,reviewers should frame their comments in a positive tone.  Reviewer comments should be clear and recommenda specific course of action.  In noinstance should a reviewer make demeaning comments about any author or subjectarea.  Reviewers should take special careto point out relevant articles that have not been cited.  In conjunction with their comments, reviewersshould make an overall recommendation of reject, revise and resubmit or accept.Information in manuscripts is confidential until the manuscript appears inprint.  Reviewers may not expropriateinformation in unpublished or rejected manuscripts for their own purposes.


Editor Responsibilities

The editors have complete and final authority for determining if amanuscript is accepted or rejected.   Theeditors communicate manuscript information with reviewers and members of theeditorial advisory board as necessary. Reviewer identities will not be disclosed.  Manuscript submissions and contents areotherwise confidential.  The editor mayaccept the paper without changes, require the authors to revise and resubmitthe document, or reject the paper.  Insome instances, the editors may require multiple rounds of reviews andmodifications.  The editors communicatereview result in a timely fashion.  Theeditors reserve the right to edit, clarify or shorten the manuscript as deemednecessary.

Final publication decisions are based on manuscript meritsonly.  Age, race, color, ethnicity,gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and institutional affiliationhave no bearing on the decision. However, manuscripts submitted or authored by persons residing incountries that would make it illegal by U.S. law to accept the manuscript orassociated fees, will be rejected regardless of the article merits.  Editors may not expropriate information inunpublished or rejected manuscripts for their own purposes.

The editors will promptly investigate any ethics violationcomplaints or reported errors in published manuscripts.  Appropriate responses to positive findingswill be determined based on the offense severity.  These responses may include publishing acorrection, apology or retraction.

To maintain independence from external influence, paid advertisingmaterials are not accepted or printed in the Journals, Proceedings oraffiliated conference documents.


Editorial Board Responsibilities

The editorial board, reviewers, editors and readership areresponsible for pointing out any lapses in ethics.  Any such ethics breaches should be reportedto the Managing Editor The editors and editorial board are responsible for reviewing andsuggesting changes to publication policies including Ethics and MalpracticeStatements.