Name  : International Conference Of of Social Sciences and Humanities Research

DATES: 22-23 August2019

VENUE : Nippon Hotel, İstanbul, Turkey
 Submission Deadline:  01 Aug2019
Registration Deadline:  04 Aug 2019

SubmissionPaper :,

Welcome tothe 2019 Conference!

“InternationalConference Of of Social Sciences and Humanities Research”

The Conference is primarily devoted to addition and dissemination ofknowledge broadly in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities. The researchthat is published may take a theoretical or speculative model as well asstatistical and mathematical. The scope Social Sciences and Humanities Studiesis broad. It includes studies in the following areas: Human resourcemanagement, management of organization, development economics, rural marketingtheory and applications, social theory, globalization and social change,environmental sociology, migration economics, production and operationsmanagement,organizational behavior and theory, strategic management, statisticsand econometric, personnel and industrial relations, technology andinnovation,management information systems, resource ethics, communitydevelopment, human rights and gender, population sciences, and social movementsand other areas of Social Sciences and Humanities Studies that may be ofinterest to academician Researchers. The primary goal of the conference is toprovide opportunities for academicians and scientists along-with professionals,policy makers and Practitioners from various fields in a global realm topresent their research contributions and views, on one forum and interact withmembers inside and outside their own particular disciplines. The conferencewill also provide opportunities for publishing research papers in indexed andrecognized scholarly research journals.Full-length papers, research-in-progresspapers, case studies, relating to all areas of Social Sciences and HumanitiesResearch are invited for the above international conference which waspreviously attended by the delegates from over 30 countries.